3 Apps to make your Move Easier

When you get ready to move, your to do list will get very long!  To help keep you grounded we have come up with some Apps that may just make your move easier…  Of course if you call the helpful staff at Master Movers we will do all of this for you!  Right down to ordering your pizza!

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. There’s no complicated interface to learn. The Dropbox team give you tons of storage space for free and while you’re computer is being moved you can access your files from any other desktop computer or mobile device (iPhone, android, etc.). I’m constantly using this app to move files back and forth from my home and office.

2. Pizza Hut

Ok so maybe this App isn’t exactly moving related but I’ll bet you have some hungry people around on moving day. The team over at Pizza Hut have made a fun app where you add toppings and watch your pizza come together on your phone. With a click of a button they’ll deliver it your new home! Pretty cool.

3.  Moving VAN

The Moving Van app allows you to easily identify the contents of every box you pack when moving your house, relocating or putting items into storage. We all know that unpacking after moving your house can be a long, slow process, but this app will help you find a specific item which is still not unpacked, you can simply search for that item and immediately identify the box you need to look in. Don’t forget, you could always call Master Movers to unpack those boxes for you.

4.) My Recycle List

This app is great for both before or after a move. This app quickly finds recycling locations nearby that accept a whole variety of different items, for example unpacked moving boxes! Using My Recycle List to find places to recycle unneeded items before you move will save you money. And we all know after a move there’s usually a ton of packaging material, cardboard boxes and perhaps a few pieces of furniture which aren’t quite fitting into your new home. Use My Recycle List to find a place to dispose of all such items in an environmentally friendly way.

Have a favorite App you think should be added here?  Let us know we love to share!

Happy Moving Nashville!

Your Master Movers family