Interesting Old Buildings in Nashville, Tn

I love music city, one of my favorite things are the really neat architectural interesting old buildings that are still in use downtown.  Can you imaging a building built so many years ago still being used today?

Nashville Buildings


The building behind the wrought-iron fence on the left side of this photo is the oldest building in downtown Nashville. Built around 1810, it sits on what used to be a livery stable and was part of the Underground Railroad. Slaves who were fleeing the South would hide here during the day and continue their journey north under cover of darkness.

The McCann family added the building on the right in 1847 and opened The McCann Grocery. The McCanns operated the grocery for many years. Several individuals owned the buildings over the years, and one of the last owners remodeled it using architects specializing in historic renovation.

old buildings Nashville

Fisk University was founded in 1865 by the American Missionary Association to provide a liberal arts educationfor Blacks after the Civil War. Completed in 1876, thisVictorian Gothic structure is the oldest building oncampus.


And….my all time favorite interesting old building… The Customs House

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There is a historical market:
The cornerstone was laid Sept. 19, 1877, by President Rutherford B. Hayes
on the first visit of a president to the South since the Civil War.
Opened in 1882 at 701 Broadway, it originally housed the city’s post office on the ground floor. The federal Treasury Department offices were on the second, and Justice Department and courtrooms on the third

It is one of the finest pieces of Victorian architecture in Tennessee and was abuzz with activity until the late 20th century when the United States government decided it didn’t want the building anymore. Fortunately, the Nashville Metropolitan Government did, and took possession of the building for redevelopment.
1877 – The cornerstone of this building is laid by President Hayes.
1882 – The clock tower is completed.
1903 – The rear portion of the building is completed.
1916 – The wings of the building are completed.
1972 – The building is added to the National Register of Historic Places.
1979 – Ownership is transferred from the federal government to the local government.

I have had the pleasure of walking around inside the customs house and it is absolutely amazing! If you are moving to Nashville or already call it home, take a minute to slow down and look around. There are some beautiful pieces of history right under your nose.

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