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3 Ways To Get You Through A Christmas Move!

So your home finally sold!  It’s what you’ve been waiting on! Congratulations.

But wait… It’s Christmas. Moving at Christmas can be done with a little preparation.  Relax, We are here to help.


Moving Christmas

1.  Keep out Precious Holiday Decorations

While you are packing keep in mind that it will be time to decorate for the Holidays right before or right after moving.  Especially if you have children, those mementos mean so much.  Set aside packing supplies for your most precious Christmas Decorations for quick removal.  That way you can still enjoy them throughout this move.

2.  Celebrate Christmas Early with Your Friends and Family 

Your neighbors, friends and family all still want to get together for the Holidays and this will help keep up with the spirit of the Holiday for you too.  Take the time to get together, every one needs a break.  Think about having a neighborhood party at a local restaurant this can double as a going away party.

3.  Update Your Address

With everything going on for you during this time, don’t forget the very important act of updating your address!  That way friends and family won’t hesitate to still send you a Christmas Card to your new home.  Sometimes if they don’t know exactly when your move will happen they may hold off and I know you don’t want that!  You may also want to take the younger children to visit Santa, that way he will know where to find them. This will help get them geared up to get in the new house.

Enjoy your new home and decorate just as soon as you move in!  One good thing about moving during Christmas is that you can immediately make your new home feel warm and comfortable.  Think pre decorated table top tree.  🙂

Merry Christmas!

Your Master Movers family!