4 Must Do Tips For Moving with your Pet

If you’ve moved before you know how stressful and overwhelmed you can feel. New house. New place. Now put yourself in your dog’s paws. You love your house, you’ve smelt everything and marked everything as your own. Now all of a sudden your owner is packing things up. Removing things off the walls. Maybe she’s just redecorating. Then one morning some odd people come into your house, they smell different. They load up all your things. You trust your owner so you follow along but you’re nervous. You load into the car and come upon a new empty house. They unload your things and you don’t end up going home. You don’t go back to your familiar yard. This yard smells weird. You don’t understand and you won’t to ask why but every time you bark you get yelled at.
Moves can be confusing for dogs.  They have no idea why this change came upon them. They can’t understand English,  no matter how many times you repeat it.  So here are some tips to help your pooch

1. Gather toys that smell like them or your old house. And scatter them around house and put them in his kennel etc
2. Explore with your pooch, walk the yard and house with them
3. Make sure you keep an eye on your pet for the first 3 months.  It takes them that long to realize this is there new home.
4. Make sure they where their tags.

These are just a few steps for helping fido move into your new home comfortably.

We love to hear some of your ideas for adjusting your favorite pet to your new home.

Happy Moving Nashville!

Your Master Movers family