5 Things the Movers can’t Move

Hiring Movers is a great way to take the pressure off when you are moving into a new home.  It can save your back and the backs of your friends!  Movers are more than happy to do just about anything you ask of them.  From helping you pack those last minute items, to rearranging your furniture over and over until you have it just right.  However there are Some things they just can’t move.  It’s better to know in advance so you can be prepared before your moving crew arrives.

5 Things Your Movers Won’t Move.

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  1. Firearms  Loaded or not movers just can’t move weapons.
  2. Combustible Materials like gas cans with gas, mowers with gas in them, portable propane tanks.  We know you probably want us to move the grill and the lawnmower, just make sure the gas is empty before we get there.
  3. Living things  Please don’t put your puppy in  a box. No but seriously fish, reptiles, hamsters etc need to be moved by you.
  4. Prescription Drugs
  5. Perishable food Items

There’s one other category of items your movers can’t move; high value items.

Your movers will take them, but think twice before packing them away. If you have jewelry, priceless collectibles, precious metals, or heirlooms that aren’t easily replaced, you should take them yourself.

After you have spent so much time finding the perfect new home, closing on that home and all the emotions that can go with that process, hiring movers sometimes may seem like an afterthought.  It makes sense to take the time to choose the right mover and make sure you are prepared for your move.  Remember we are here to help make your moving day easy and stress free.

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