5 Tips for a Winter Move in Nashville

Okay, moving can be expensive. A Winter Move can be less expensive though. If you have decided to use a moving company one way to save money is to move in their off-peak season.  Nashville doesn’t really get too bad of a winter but moving still slows down during the winter months.  Moving rates are generally around $5 or up to $10 per hour less expensive during this off-peak season.  If you can take advantage of that, you might as well!  Another thing to consider if you are going to brave a winter move is obviously the weather!  Just because it’s winter doesn’t necessarily mean the weather will be bad.  Just imagine if you get lucky enough to land on a nice 50′ sunny day…..Perfect!Winter Moving

1. Watch the weather!  Try to schedule your move when it won’t be actively snowing or raining.  This not only makes the move go faster but keeps your new home cleaner.

2.  If there has been snow or ice, make sure all walks, porches and driveways are cleared.  Safety is number one when it comes to moving in bad weather.

3.  Call  the utility company at your new home with plenty of advance notice.  You should have the power on and the heat going before the movers get there.  No one wants to move into a freezing home!

4.  Keep your winter weather supplies handy, make sure you pack things like shovels, ice melt, batteries, flash lights and extra blankets last.  You need to be prepared for the cold in any situation that may arrive during your move.

5.  It gets dark earlier in the winter so try to plan your move for first thing that morning.  Not only can you get done with daylight, your movers will be fresher and more efficient.

There are many advantages of Winter moving , just remember to look at your glass as half full!

With your moving company being less busy that means they will be less stressed with deadlines.  This leaves your moving consultant with more time to focus on you, and your move.

Happy Moving Nashville.

Your Master Movers family.