5 Ways to De-Stress Your Move

Moving is one of those things that can fall into the love/hate relationship field.  We love having a new place but hate the idea of getting there.

From packing, to organizing, to choosing a  mover, to , “I’m actually going to let those guys handle all my things?”  Let’s just say the process can be a little stressful.  Well good news, I’m here to help

de-stress your Nashville MoveDE-STRESS YOUR MOVE!!

  1. First of all, make a plan of action!  Do this when you are all alone and everything is quiet. Go over the plan with your spouse….Then Stick To It!!  We make plans for a reason, that way in the heat of the moment everyone is not running around like crazies wondering what to do.  Stick to the plan ladies and gentlemen!
  2. Organize!  You have to pack anyway right?  Now is the time to get rid of the things you haven’t used in a while.  When packing your boxes make sure and clearly label them, that way when you get to the new house they will get put in the right rooms for unpacking.  This will save you a lot of labor and hauling boxes all over the house!
  3. Patience!  As you get closer and closer to moving day things will undoubtedly become more hectic, that’s okay!  Just take a deep breath and remember that no matter what happens it’s not the end of the world.  Kids want to help, it’s okay if the box is taped crooked or something gets put in the wrong box, these things are minor compared to the memories you are making with your little one.  Breathe and Smile, it’ll be okay.

Movers!  Here’s the big one, it’s finally moving day, you’ve done your research and picked the very best movers for the job!  Way to go! Lets de-stress your move.

  1.  But now here they are at your home and you are starting to get anxious, that’s normal.  After all, you don’t know these guys and they are taking your furniture apart and wrapping blankets around it and it seems like they are all somewhere doing something and how can you watch them all, all the time?  Well that’s easy, you don’t have to!  Movers as an industry train there employees to move furniture in a certain way.  Now it’s probably not the way your average guy would move it but it’s efficient.  Remember, you picked this company for a reason!  Tell them any key points up front, then step back and let them do what they are good at!  If you stand over their shoulder and tell them what to do all day it makes them nervous too.  Think about when you are sitting at your desk and your boss walks in, what if he stayed there all day?  These guys know what they are doing and can work better together and do a better job, without direction.
  2. Smile!  Keep your sense of humor from day one of this journey.  It’s okay to laugh and be silly.  It’s exciting to move into a new home, so don’t spoil that by taking things too seriously.  If your hubby makes a big goof during the move, just laugh about it and go on.  Put tape on the kids nose and plop the kitty into a box, remember your not just moving into a new home, your building memories.

Happy Moving Everyone!

Your Master Movers family.