7 Reasons to let the Movers Pack

Moving involves many steps. Most of us have moved several times in our lifetime and it just never gets any more enjoyable. Packing is one of those things that takes a lot of time and attention. When you are already frazzled with getting everything in order for your move, packing is just one of those chores that could put you over the top.  Sure you could invite over all the girls, open a bottle of wine, and ….pack? Well, you could probably talk them into it but it may be a gamble what arrives unbroken.newmoving18

The experts have all the right materials, and the knowledge to get the job done right!

Here are just 7 reasons why it may be better to leave it to the pro’s next time you move.

  1. They know how to get it done right. (There really is a right and wrong way to pack that box, who knew?)
  2. They have all the right supplies.  (Do you know everything your going to need so you don’t have to keep going back to the store?)
  3. Insurance (If the movers pack the boxes, they are responsible for the contents of said box. Not so if you pack it.)
  4. Time ( They are so much faster at getting the job done!)
  5. Stress (Don’t you already have enough to do? Definitely!)
  6. Organization ( Your movers aren’t doing 100 other things while they pack, they are only there to pack.  This means your items get inventoried and are easier to find later.)
  7. Relaxation (Since they got all  your packing done so quick, you have time for a bubble bath!) (Yes!)

In today’s economy, I am all about being frugal, but time is of value as well. Sometimes in life, you just have to pick your battles and if you are already hiring a professional mover, it may just be worth the extra money to let them handle everything.

Happy Moving Nashville

Your Master Movers family.

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