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Finished Moving? Read This Before You Unpack

Finished Moving? Read This Before You

Turning the keys and settling into your home after buying it might seem like the
conclusion of a long process. However, it is just the first part of the long journey of home ownership. Before you start to unpack all the boxes and move the furniture into place,
you should make sure these four tasks are complete. Your happiness with the home
depends on it.
1. Collect and Organize Documentation
The home probably comes with a lot of documentation that you need to understand. This
is particularly true if the home is new construction. You will have guides and warranties
on appliances and systems, and they need a place to go where they will not get lost. It is
likely that you may need to call upon this documentation throughout your ownership, so
make sure you put it in a place you can remember.
2. Test All Systems Completely
You probably checked on a lot of things during the final walk-through before signing, but
it is always good to test everything one more time. The last thing you want to do is get
completely settled in the home, only to realize that there is a crucial problem with an
important system like electrical, plumbing or heating.  Run enough water from all faucets to
determine if each one will drain properly. If theres any smart technology take time to automate preferences.
3. Clean Each Room
As you are probably well aware, there is a difference between “looks clean” and “isbefore you unpack
clean.” A home that was spotlessly cleaned several weeks ago may have accumulated
some dust and dirt over that time. The best time for you to give it a really good cleaning
is before you put all the furniture in place. Wash all hard flooring and baseboards.
Consider having carpets professionally shampooed, if it has been some months since that
service was done. For tile counters and floors, have professionals clean the grout and seal
it to prevent staining. This will help you to keep it clean for longer.

4. Perform Planned Upgrades

A lot of times, you think that you can do some home improvements after you move in.
Once you get fully unpacked, it is too much of a hassle to move all the furniture aside to
put in new flooring or paint. Now is the ideal time for these improvements, because
everything you have is already prepped for movement. Make a plan to hold your items
for a few days outside the home. This might be all you need to put in new carpets or
certain types of hardwood flooring or to paint the whole house. Not having all the
furniture in the way can save you time and protect your belongings from damage during
the improvement process.
Buying a home can take a few months, but the next stage of your journey might last
several years. If you start it off right by following these four tips first, you will avoid a lot
of stress and ensure that your first year of homeownership is that much easier.

Gary Ashton, Realtor