How to find Free Moving Boxes

Trying to save money on your upcoming move? How about some free moving boxes! But where do you find them?

You could get lucky enough to happen upon a pile of boxes sitting by the curb. Or a friend who knows you’re moving and takes it upon herself to gather boxes for you. Otherwise, scoring all the boxes you’ll need for your move will still cost you time and (probably) gas money.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try.

People are often amazed when they learn how much moving boxes can cost.

So check out the following possibilities.

Best Places For Regular Boxes

Bookstores: These companies go through a lot of boxes and you just may be helping them out! Big bookstores like Books a million are great options but don’t forget the small stores, they have boxes too!

Office Supply Stores: Here you will find super-strong computer paper boxes with lids. These are great because they are stronger.  They work well for breakables and dishes. Try Staples, office max, fed ex and the likemoving boxes nashville

Restaurants: Most any fast-food restaurant gets their food delivered in sturdy boxes that are usually clean since they are used for frozen food.  And we all know there are plenty of fast food joints to choose from.

Liquor Stores: Boxes for wine and liquor are not only sturdy but may come with those dividers if you need to pack fine crystal glassware.

Best Places For Large Boxes

Specialty Retailers: Sporting goods stores, clothing stores, auto parts stores all may have over-sized boxes you can use to pack big items, like clothes, lamps, and blankets.

Retail Giants: Big stores like Walmart, Target, or Costco take in a ton of inventory!  They usually stock at night so try going by then to catch the best deal.   Produce boxes may look strong and stout but with these, you run the risk of hauling bugs into your home.

Recycling Centers: If it is allowed to come in and take out boxes you may just find all you need in one stop.

Websites And Other Places To Try

Craigslist:  Most people are going green and just after someone moves they likely have a ton of boxes they would love for you to pick up.

U-Haul:  You can also check their online CustomerConnect page for people in your area looking to get rid of their used boxes (and possibly other packing materials).

Online Sites:

Go online and compare prices among sellers like ULineU-Haul and (Note that with this last option you can’t be sure exactly what size boxes you’ll be getting.)

Try Facebook too. Search “free moving boxes (your town or area)” and see what comes up.

Local Self-Storage Facilities: Most now sell a whole range of packing supplies. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have also started carrying all types of packing supplies.movers Nashville

Moving Companies in your area.

You can give them a call and usually purchase boxes that they will deliver for free. The agencies for the big van lines like United, Atlas, North American, Allied, and Mayflower will almost always have stacks and stacks of used boxes, in all sizes, that you can grab for cheap. Some of them might even have packing paper too. Give them a quick call before you drive over to check.

Just Remember

Wherever and however you get your boxes, be sure they are in clean and in good shape. No matter how cheap they are, there’s no value in getting your stuff dirty or crushed.

Your family here at Master Movers always wishing you the best.