How to Move a Baby Grande Piano

When it comes to moving pianos, knowledge is key.


Here we are going to discuss how to move a baby grande piano. Baby Grande pianos are particularly important to keep from damaging the piano.  It is easy to warp a lid on Grande and Baby Grande piano’s if you or your movers don’t know the proper way to move it.local movers Nashville

Remember pianos are very heavy so the more prepared you are the easier the move will be on you and your piano.

The average spinet or console weighs in at from three hundred to five hundred pounds, full-size uprights at about seven hundred, but sometimes as much as a thousand. Grands vary from about five hundred to a thousand pounds though a concert grand may weigh as much as thirteen hundred

If your piano is black shellac or shiny always plan on using plenty of bubble wrap and shrink wrap to protect that beautiful surface.

  • Remove the top of the piano, wrap it in bubble wrap, then wrap it in shrink wrap to keep the bubble wrap in place. There is a lot of controversy on whether or not it is necessary to remove the top board.  Not removing the board can cause it to get warped from too much weight being place on a detached surface.  It is just safer to remove it.
  •    Remove the middle leg
  •   At this point the body of the piano should be wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrap for protection.
  • With plenty of strong backs for support remove the left leg and ease the piano down onto the piano board.
  • Two men will now pick up on the right side of the piano and flip it up so that it is resting on it’s side on the piano board.
  • Now remove the last two legs.
  • Use ratchet straps to securely strap the piano to the piano board paying close attention to the placement of the straps making sure there is enough padding between the strap and the piano.
  • Lean one end of the piano board up and have another mover slide a four wheel dolly up under the piano board and ease it back down onto the four wheel dolly.
  • You will now be able to gently roll the piano out of the house and up the ramp into the moving truck.
  • Leave the piano on the piano board and secure it to the inside of the truck so it can’t move while driving to your new home.

After moving a piano it is a good idea to have them tuned. With proper care and patience moving piano’s can be done with little strain to the mover.

Here is a great video tutorial on how to move a baby grande piano.

I hope this tutorial will help with your next move.

If you have additional tips please share them.

Happy Moving Nashville.

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