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Items Movers cannot move

Here at Master Movers we love our customers!

While we never like to say “No” there are just some items the movers cannot move on the moving trucks.

The Department of Transportation can be real sticklers about things that might blow up!  Yeah, I know it’s silly but we have to follow the rules.


Items that are considered potentially flammable or explosive include:

  1. Propane Tanks
  2. Gas Cans/Gasoline/Propane
  3. Paint thinners, paint cans
  4. Aerosol Cans
  5. Fireworks
  6. Lighter fluid
  7. Lawnmowers containing Fuel
  8. Ammunition/Firearms
  9. Pressurized Cans

The above items are strictly forbidden by the Dept of Transportation so we recommend transporting them yourself, or if you are moving long distance you can give them to neighbors or family. You may also contact your city to find out how to properly dispose of them.

If you are moving long distance some items just shouldn’t be moved on the moving truck and your movers may recommend moving them yourself, these items include:

  1. Perishable Items
  2. Frozen Food
  3. Uncleaned Pet habitats
  4. Houseplants

Remember when moving out of state your items are going to be packed in the moving truck with the door closed and no ventilation for a long period of time so anything that has the potential to create an odor is not a good idea.  If you are moving locally, the movers will transport these items when properly packed.

Contact your local moving company to find out about specific policies regarding items on the moving truck. It is better to have this information in advance so you can be better prepared for your moving day.

Happy Moving Everyone!

Your Master Movers family