Let us handle the packing of your home or office! Our packing services in Nashville are your reliable option if you don’t have time and knowledge to pack your belongings properly. Aside from professional packers, you will get all the boxes and other packing supplies. Everything you need to do is to give us a call and sit back while our skilled movers and packers do the rest.

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I just had the most amazing experience with this company. We had a POD that was very poorly packed and we had more items that needed to be loaded. They sent two men who arrived on time and were incredibly pleasant. They unloaded the mess we had and repacked everything in much less time than I expected. More importantly, is the packing job was like a work of art! We were so pleased. I will definitely use them in the future. Thanks!


Our dependable packing services Nashville are available at affordable rates. Competitive prices we offer are what make us different from other moving companies in Nashville. The cost of packing services depends only on your load. Many people discover that hiring our Nashville packers to do the packing for them is well worth the added expense. Also, our packing services include packing supplies.

We deliver boxes and other moving supplies you need for the move. So, you don’t have to search for quality moving boxes, packing tapes, paper, shrink wrap, etc. Our agents have the skills to protect your items including antiques, cases, valuable artwork, and fragile furniture pieces. Moving heavy furniture requires safe packing. Also, our movers and packers will disassemble items of any size. We know how to pack and protect your furniture to ensure its safe delivery to your new home or business address.


Packing yourself? We’ll bring all supplies! Our movers can deliver boxes and other moving supplies in advance of your move, including shrink wrap, paper, and more. Also, here are a few tips you can use when packing.

Packing Kits and Services

1 Bedroom Apt:

  • Supply Kit- 7 small boxes, 10 Medium boxes, 3 Large boxes, 1 Wardrobe, 1 Newsprint, 1 Mattress Bag, & 1 tape = $129.19
  • Packing Service- 2 Packers $169/hr x 4 hours = $676.00
  • Kit + Services- $805.19

2 Bedroom Apt:

  • Supply Kit- 10 Small boxes, 10 Medium Boxes, 5 Large boxes, 2 Wardrobe Boxes, 1 Newsprint, 2 Mattress bags, & 2 Tape = $183.09
  • Packing Service- 2 Packers $169/hr x 5 hours = $845.00
  • Kit + Services- $1028.09

3 Bedroom Apt:

  • Supply Kit- 10 Small Boxes, 12 Medium Boxes, 7 Large Boxes, 3 Wardrobe Boxes, 1 Newsprint, 3 Mattress Bags, & 3 Tape = $236.09
  • Packing Service- 3 Packers $199/hr x 6 Hours = $1194.00
  • Kit + Services- $1430.09

3 Bedroom House:

  • Supply Kit- 15 Small Boxes, 15 Medium Boxes, 10 Large Boxes, 3 Wardrobe Boxes, 2 Newsprint, 3 Mattress Bags, 4 Tape, & 1 Bubble Wrap =$334.11
  • Packing Service- 3 Packers $199/hr x 6 Hours = $1194.00
  • Kit + Services- $1528.11

4 Bedroom House:

  • Supply Kit- 25 Small boxes, 20 Medium Boxes, 15 Large Boxes, 5 Wardrobe Boxes, 2 Newsprint, 4 Mattress Bags, 5 Tape, & 1 Bubble Wrap =$460.45
  • Packing Service- 4 Packers $229/hr x 6 Hours = $1374.00
  • Kit + Services- $1834.45

Pack Your Things in Durable Containers

You should invest in quality boxes or containers to store your things when moving out. This will help you keep your things safe from falling off. You should also consider labeling each container to easily identify the contents of each box. This makes the unpacking process easy and more convenient since you know where and what each box contains.

Clean and Clear the Hallway From Clutter

Clutter in the main areas of your house can be detrimental to the moving process since scattered pieces of objects on the floor is hazardous and can slow down your progress. It is essential that you empty your hallway from clutter to help keep the relocation tasks smooth and to avoid accidents such as injuries and property damages. You should also ensure that the floors are dry to prevent slipping on the floor.

Ask for Assistance From a Local Mover

When you are having problems lifting heavy furniture and other things in your previous place, then you should team up with a nearby residential moving provider to help you get all your belongings moved out and bring them safely to your new home. Doing so can help you make the entire relocation process easier and more convenient.

See Our Movers In Action

Our full service moving experts will take good care of all your belongings. Whether our movers are packing, moving, carrying, or transporting your items, rest assured that great care and safety is our top priority.