Moving with Children

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Making the decision to move isn’t always easy. Especially if you have children. Often times children don’t understand the need to move and get very upset. They may need some time and special attention to make the transition smoother and start making them feel more at home. Try some of these helpful tips!

  • Discuss the plan to move with them
  • Involve them as much as possible in the moving process
  • Plan ahead leaving plenty of time to prepare before the actual move date
  • Keep in mind you will face many different challenges based on the age of your children


With toddlers, it’s easier to keep things simple. Explain that you are moving to live in a new house and point out the great things about it. If possible take them to see the new place like an adventure!  After your move take them back with you to clean up the old house, that will help give some closure. Toddlers love stories and adventures, this is a great opportunity for both!  I remember when we moved to a new home when our daughter was two, she really didn’t want to move.  After visiting the new house and moving in she was so excited that in our new house she was going to get her own “living room”, that when we went back to clean out the rental she wouldn’t get out of the car at first because she wanted her own “living room” and no longer wanted to share with her brother.  While I found this very amusing, we did have a small problem.  Once she figured out that we were just there to clean she jumped right out and said goodbye to her old room, and the kitchen, the bathroom, the carpet, it was quite an adventure.  Toddlers are easy just keep it fun and you will do just fine.

School-Age and Teens

This can be a little trickier.  If possible involve your child in house hunting or picking out the new school, this will make them feel more a part of the moving process and less like it is being forced upon them.  When moving with children who are already in school things very quickly become all about them. Which is okay and very normal just remember to keep your patience here.  Planning way ahead and involving the teen in your move is your best bet.  If possible plan to make return trips to see friends or attend dances, etc at the old school.  Also if you are moving close enough you could visit the new school and talk to teachers or coaches to get a head start on getting the teen excited about a new activity or sport at the new school.

Have you moved recently with children?  We would love to have your input on the subject!