Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be tricky, lets take a look at some tips.

To a lot of us, yes definitely me!  Our pets are very important to us.  Heck, my dog thinks he’s one of the kids,  literally.  So when it comes time to move we must consider them.moving with pets

Keep in mind they will get nervous as you start packing, they know something is up.. And when the furniture starts clearing out they will definitely get serious about letting you know they aren’t happy.

So lets back way up and help avoid some of the anxiety.

If possible take your pet to see the new home a couple of times to familiarize them with the new space.

If you are moving to a new neighborhood and it is close enough, drive over and take your pet for a walk around the new neighborhood.

Well before moving day get an updated tag so that when you move to the new house if your pet wanders off others will know they belong in the area.  Make sure it has your new address on it.  An I.D. tag is a lost pets best ticket home.

Try to keep your pets normal routine when moving, you will be very busy on moving day and sometimes it’s easy to forget a potty break.  The break does more than just let them use the bathroom, it let’s them know you haven’t forgotten them.  Check on them often throughout the move.

On moving day put your pet up in a well-ventilated safe area so they won’t get out or be in the way.  When you get to the new home, walk them around a bit and then put them up  You will have plenty of time to check out the place with your furry friend after the commotion settles down some.

Last but not least give them a little extra love for being so patient.

Have you moved with a unique pet recently?  Please share, we love your stories.

Your Master Movers family