Your must have moving day kit

We have all heard of having a rainy day fund.  Well here at Master Movers we like to advise all of our customers to have on hand a moving day kit full of essentials.  Moving can get quite hectic, and we all hope everything goes exactly as planned, but anything can happen.  What if at the last minute the closing gets pushed back a day?  What if there is a problem with the inspection and you can’t move in right away?

Just to be safe let’s make a “Must have Moving Day Kit”    I’ll help…moving day kit

  • Medication
  • bottled water
  • Pet food for a few days
  • toiletries
  • change of clothing
  • set of linens
  • deck of cards
  • snacks
  • flashlight (to make shadow puppets of course)
  • coloring book/crayons

If only for your peace of mind, a moving day kit makes good sense.

Of course this can be customized but should basically be what you would pack for an overnight trip. Along with of course any special toy or snuggle buddy must have.  That way if anything goes wrong you are prepared easily for an overnight delay.

Even if you get in your new home but the electricity didn’t get turned on or the the movers haven’t shown up yet, you will survive the night at least.  And I like to think of it like this, if I am completely prepared for something to go wrong, all is very likely to go just right. And just right feels pretty good sometimes.

Happy Moving Nashville

Your Master Movers family