Re-Usable Crates vs. Boxes for Moving

So I keep hearing these commercials offering crates for moving, hmmmm.  Come on google, my friend, clue me in.  Sounds like a no brainer really, so for all of you, I will do my digging and give you the pro’s and con’s of both!

Here we go.


Millions of people move every year and use cardboard to pack their cratepersonal items. What a waste of our Earth’s natural resources! This is what they say. Honestly, I tend to agree but alas let’s move on.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • convenient
  • Sturdier than boxes
  • Bigger

Crates would offer people an economical, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

Traditional Boxes

  • Less Expensive

Boxes have been used for centuries for all kinds of transportation of goods, including moving.  They are generally inexpensive and sometimes you can find them for free.  With cardboard boxes if you do buy them new, you know that only your items were in them and don’t have to worry about contamination from someone another move.

Cost    moving-boxes1


35 boxes @1.50 box $52.50

Tape 1 roll @1.00

Total recommended for a 2br move:  $52.50


35 crates, delivered and picked up $125.00


The new re-usable plastic crates seem to be a great innovative way to make moving better.  They hold up better, hold more and can be used again and again.  Most companies deliver them right to your home and pick them up for free.  Maybe Master Movers needs to check into some Green Crates!

My work here is done, if you have more information on this subject I would love your feedback!

Happy Moving Nashville

Your Master Movers family