Save TIme moving with this One tip!

Want to seriously reduce the amount of time your move takes?  I am about to disclose the Single most important thing you can do to reduce your move time!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Let’s back up a little…..When planning a move most of the work you have done has been on getting ready for this day, the big moving day!  So much work has been done getting to this point!  Once the movers arrive at your new home with the moving truck all loaded down with your most prized possessions, this is where time is key.

Unloading the truck should go much faster than the load.  Part of the movers  duties include putting all of your furniture and belongings into the rooms you designate.  Now let’s think about what that really means.  Every box, every lamp, basket, drawer, bag, picture, mirror, etc… You probably don’t even know exactly where you want everything to go!

A good rule of thumb (that will also save you money) is to choose a neutral place where you want the movers to place all of the small items.

Picture this, 6ft tall guy walking around with a picture, looking for you, to ask which room you would like it placed in. How many pictures, vases, flower assortments, etc do you have?  That is a lot of wasted time when you may not even know yet where you want to hang it.  If you choose a central room to put all items small enough for you to move that will keep them from searching for you to ask about every piece.  They will still put all of the big furniture in the appropriate rooms and ask for your direction on where you want heavy items placed. If your boxes are clearly labeled br1, kitchen, study, living room, etc they will still place those boxes in the appropriate rooms.  We are just talking mainly about misc and decorative items, that can eat up a lot of time and at around $100 per hour, time is of the essence!

Hope this helps save you tons of money on any future moves with whomever you choose as your next mover!

Happy Moving Nashville.

Your Master Movers family