Stage Your Home to Sell

Once you decide to sell your home, that is when the work usually begins.  Before you put up your open house sign it is important to make sure it will attract buyers.

The idea is to make your home appear neat, stylish and inviting.  You can call your local movers and move some things to a storage area to open up the space.

The goal is to make the space look brighter, bigger and inviting for your new homeowner to want to make memories in this space.

Staging a home is actually easier than it sounds and you should be able to do it on your own, with just a few tips and ideas.

First, start with the outside, jump in your car and drive by, take note of what you see.  There should not be things lying about. It should appear neat and clean and clutter-free.

So that’s done, lets head inside.  Remember you want your potential buyer to envision themselves in this space.  That means clear away any and all clutter this includes paperwork, personal photos, anything personal to your style.

Using neutral colors throughout the home will allow your potential buyer to visualize what they would like to do with the space.

Clean everything, this will make sure your home sparkles but also void any smells that may linger from pets, cooking, etc

Concentrate on a grand welcome when your buyers first approach your home.  So sweep that front walk, polish the adress numbers and the hardware on the front door.  These things are small but they really can make a difference.  Remember first impressions go a long way.

Have home staging tips?  We love to hear your feedback!

Happy Moving Everyone!

Your Nashville Master Movers family