Throw an Awesome Moving away party!!

local movers NashvilleGetting ready for a big move in Nashville, TN?

When you are planning a move in Nashville, TN, it seems like you have a million things to do. Well, that’s because you DO have a million things to do.

As your moving date approaches you will inevitably begin to hear family and friends repeatedly say, “I need to spend some time with you before you go!”  And likely you want that as well.  It may be hard to arrange time with everyone you care about and get everything you want done, well done.

A great way to solve this problem is to throw a moving away party!

Any excuse for a get-together is a good one in my book but this will actually accomplish so much is one setting. So let’s think about this party.

1. Make your own invitations, this can be a great way to save money and be really creative.   Make some cardboard box cut outs, (shape them like a moving truck, maybe)  buy some colored duct tape and have at it.

2.  Buy several disposable camera’s and keep them lying around, that way after your move you can go back and see all the cool pictures random people took during your party.

3.  Have a guest book where your friends and family can write you a small going away message.

4.  Hang photo’s of your friends and family and past events around the house to reminisce and spark conversation.

5.  Have a bring your own meat theme and fire up the bbq, serve sides and drinks and play some music.  (assuming it’s warm outside of course)  or just have wine and cheese platters sitting about.

Saying good bye to your loved one’s can be very emotional, try and hold your party a little in advance of your anticipated move and it will help to lighten the mood and let everyone have a better time.  Also points for saving your from so many tearful goodbyes.

We at Master Movers wish you all the luck in whatever you decide to do and please let us know if you’ve tried some of these ideas.  Tell us about your best moving away party!

Happy Moving Nashville!