Will my movers show up if it’s raining?

You scheduled your move months in advance, everything is ready to go…….

It’s finally moving day and it’s pouring down rain, what now?

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If possible watch the weather reports when your moving day is approaching and communicate with your moving company.  If it is calling for 60% chance of rain or better see if they have any other days available and reschedule your move.

If it’s too late for that and moving day is already here, your movers will still arrive as scheduled.  Here are some things that can ease the burden of rain on moving day.

Try to get the truck as close to the door as possible without getting in the grass. A saturated ground and a fully loaded moving truck are not a good combination.

Lay something on your floors so the wet shoes and wet dolley don’t make a mess inside your home, this needs to be something flat that won’t trip them up.  They make a carpet shield material that comes on a roll and sticks to carpet, this is perfect.

Keep towels handy so that as the movers bring in your furniture you can wipe it down, this will eliminate damage from the rain.

Be patient, moving in the rain slows everything down.

Keep in mind that if conditions become unsafe the movers may stop for a short period of time to protect them and your items.

Have you moved in the rain?  Please add tips you have learned!