wilson county fair

The Wilson County Fair and how it go to be so big!

I know most of you have been to the Wilson County Fair.  Do you know how much the small county fair has grown since it was established some 163 years ago? It is truly amazing!

Established in 1853 the Wilson County Fair was really just a celebration of livestock and good neighbors and of course food!  In rural America fairs provided the greatest place to share new agricultural ideas and education and the best social event for growers across the country. To improve farmers often depended on trial and error, talking with their neighbors and the fair.Wilson county fair

The fair was  held on Coles Ferry Pike until about 1900.  In 1919 citizens organized and held a two day fair on the square.  It was so successful  that  a fair board was formed. In 1920 a grandstand, stables and a barn were erected and about 20,000 people showed up for the fair.  That was a very good turnout at the time.

In 1923 The slogan “Tennessee’s Big County Fair” began to appear in advertising as the L. J. Heath Show brought in four rides: The Caterpillar, The Ferris Wheel, The Whip and the Merry-Go-Round. I bet they had no idea how big the “Big County Fair” was really going to get!

Throughout the years the Fair has changed names, changed hands and changed locations. One thing that hasn’t changed is tradition.

With all the rides and entertainment it just wouldn’t be a county fair without a livestock line-up.

Today the fair provides music, rides, livestock shows, competitions and amazing food. Today more than 500,000 people attend the Wilson County Fair. It has been rated the #1 fair in Tennessee and one of the top county fairs in the country.

Steeped in tradition the Wilson county fair is not one to be missed! Heck you can even plan your vacation around visiting Tn during the fair.

See you there!

Your Master Movers Family.