Moving to a new school, from a teenagers point of view.

Lots of children and young adults end up having to move to a new school at some point in their life.  Unfortunately, I have experienced this myself twice now. It is not fun at first, but does get better with time.  This can be very, very stressful.  It is never as easy as it looks in the movies.  But hey, life is always perfect in Hollywood remember?  In reality, life runs a little differently.newmoving2

 You just moved into this new house that you’re still feeling vulnerable in, getting used to the creaks, the hallways you end up having to navigate in the night to go to the bathroom, finding which boxes your favorite things are in, and of course finding that cute outfit for your first day! (Guys just that comfortable t-shirt and jeans you love.)  You got the supplies you think you need, tell your mom and Dad bye, and your off.  Your heart is pounding in your chest, your brain is running through every worst case scenario possible.  First period bell rings, you sat in the seat you thought was the best choice.These people are weird. They dress differently than you’re used to.  At this point the key to  being okay is to be open.  Talk to people, even if you say something stupid, you can just laugh it off.  You see the girl sitting next to you, she isn’t talking to anyone, this is your chance.  Do not let it slip by, I repeat DO NOT!  Even if she’s the weirdest person on earth you at least have a start to making some friends.  A couple of class periods pass.  You have successfully managed to get the guts to make conversation with some people but now lunch is around the corner and you’re dreading it.  The questions begin eating your brain, who will I eat with?  Where will I sit? Should I just hide in the bathroom?  What if I spill food all over myself?  What if I somehow fall in the cafeteria and everyone laughs?  Do whatever it takes to rid these questions.  You will survive, I promise.  There are two types of lunch systems that I know of.  The hour lunch where you can go wherever in the school and the block lunch where you must eat in the cafeteria.  First we will start with the hour lunch.  If it’s the first day of the school year, walk around.  The first day is the worst day for the lunch line, you will be there ALL day.  You see a girl or guy you talked  to in one of your classes.  Go attempt to make conversation again. This could be your new click to fit in.  If that doesn’t work go find that girl or guy sitting alone.  They don’t want to be alone, no one does.  They are just too nervous for friends.  Y’all could end up being forever besties.  One big thing to remember, Do Not Judge someone before you have known them more than a week.  You will not have friends if you judge too quickly.  Okay now on to the block lunch.  Risk it, sounds scary? Yes.  But it’s the best way to go.  First look again to recognize someone, sit there if possible. No familiar faces, no problem.  Sit in an open seat (Not Alone) and ask if it’s okay if you sit there.  They very rarely will say no.  Do not be quiet.  If you wanna survive this school stuff you have to talk.  Now, you survived lunch.  Good Job! I am proud.  Buy yourself a candy bar later.  You continue through your next classes and the dismissal bell rings. You’re riding the bus home (you don’t need any social advice if you’re driving or getting picked up) So you find your bus and get on and you sit next to a nice looking person.  They haven’t put headphones in yet. Talk to them. Again, talking is key, this could also be a potential BFF!!! Finally, you get home. You made it through the first day.  See it wasn’t too bad.  Repeat the steps for the following days and you’re looking at a wonderful year at your new school. Enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for clubs.  They are fun, exciting, and make you feel important. They are also a great way to make you feel more involved with the school.

Guest Blogger- Brooke Allen  new school

Thank you for this great addition Ms. Brooke, moving to a new school can be so challenging for a student, I hope this helps.

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