Save Money on Your Move!

If you hire professional movers or count on your friends. Here are a few things that can really make things go faster.

Which saves you money, which really makes the ole’ man happy.  🙂


Moving into a new house can be  a stressful time. At the same time it’s exciting you are moving into a nice clean sparkling new place you get to decorate all over again.   A great time to clean under and behind all those things that never get moved.  Don’t you just hate it when the movers or even worse your volunteer friends who are helping you move, pick up the washer and it’s like yuck!  All the grimy goo yuck that has been sneaking under there for the past few years?  If it happens to you once it’s enough to never let it happen again. Trust me I’ve been there.

Be ready, that means have your boxes packed, taped, stacked, and ready to go. Don’t leave small things laying around that they have to move or go around to get out the big pieces.  You would not believe how much time gets wasted moving little items off one dresser, onto another only to have to move it again etc…Nashville movers

Get the furniture ready.  Professional movers will absolutely take the mirrors off the dressers, take the beds apart and put them back together etc.  That’s part of full service moving.  But if your looking to save money and are able, this is a great way to save time. Remember you are most likely paying by the hour.  So if you can have the mirrors already off the dressers, put the screws in a little baggie and write “mirror” on it and put it in your house tool box.  Take the beds apart and stack everything neatly, ready to go.  Do the same thing with the hardware so you can easily put it back together.

Keep your pets put up.  We all love our dogs and cats, however they are likely stressed out and curious about all the things going on.  The movers aren’t familiar with them and to be honest the movers are the bad guys in your pets eyes because they are taking all your stuff!

 If the movers don’t have to watch where they are walking to keep from stepping on Fido they can work a lot faster.

Find a way to keep the kids occupied!  The movers are usually very friendly and have kids of their own so when the youngster are around asking questions, trying to help the guys will try and be nice and oblige them. And I’ve never in my life met a rugrat  who doesn’t love the moving ramp!  They are so fascinated by the ramp on the moving truck it’s funny.  But it does create a bit of a problem if you can imagine, up and down all day long! So much fun! Time, time, time…  The kids are anxious and excited about the move too, so find something for them to do like sort their favorite toys or draw a picture of how they want to arrange their new room, or go to grandma’s house but keep them busy and the move will go along faster.

These are just a few things I’ve learned along the way, if you have something to add, please do.  We love to pass on great ideas to our customers.

Happy moving everyone.

Your Master Movers family